Hi I am Dune:

Graphic Artist

Yes Dune is my real name…no really, it is.

I’m named after the book series by Frank Herbert. Its Sci-Fi landscape suits my weird worlds I create. I reside in Dunsborough Western Australia, I try to not tell too many people how cool it is down Southwest so shhh.

I am a graphic arts who loves drawing, painting, creating madness on canvas, computers, gaming gear, skateboards, beer cans, wine bottles, guitars, promotional material… anything. I love creating with markers, paint brushes, vinyl transfers, toys, pixels, vector and chaos. When I am not drawing, painting, designing I am playing guitar or making music.

I live for collaborating with future thinking companies and really love to push a product into the stratosphere. Be it a custom product for an event, a dream guitar, custom skateboard or a fully siiiick cut ‘n’ sew hoodie for grandma. Sometimes the only perceived extra added value you can add to a product… is art, uniqueness, character and creativity! I have enjoyed working on products by Kidrobot, SteelSeries, Fortress Melbourne, Aftershock PC, Intel and Colonial Brewing Co. Every time adding my own character and eye catching quirkiness.



Art Prints, Collectables, Gamer Gear, Hand-painted Treasures,
Homeware, Stickers, Skateboards, Office & The Odd Weird Gift…
character art work 1
dune haggar graphic artist designer photo art around head
dune haggar graphic artist and illustrator logo


Got an artwork related dream, licensing request or a product that needs a promotional boost? Give me an email.