Emergence Creative Collaboration

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I had the amazing opportunity to be apart of illustrator collaboration for the Emergence Creative Festival 2015 branding a 6 way segment divided by theme between 6 artists on plywood. To also be used on promotional material for the upcoming event. I had the amazing luck to bag the “music” segment, which I was very at home with being a guitar nut (that sounds like a terrible pun). I tired to keep away from the cliches of walking guitar dinosaurs and try and capture it in a more vibrant and dynamic way while trying to show that the language of music is a bedrock of being human. All while operating a stop-motion camera. Fun stuff.

Digital – Ian Mutch
Music – Me!
Film – Oliver Hull
Design – Andrew Frazer
Technology – Natasha Bostock
Communication – Kyle Hughes-Odgers
Filming: Illusory and LVF


Check out the emergence website and facebook page for more info…