PAX AUS 2016


I was invited by nice mad people at Steel Series, makers of all things high-end and computer nerdy to customise their products as well as Intel at the Melbourne Pax Aus event.
With just enough time to order in the needed equipment – thanks again The Butcher I was off to Melbourne. Drawing on many mediums and experimenting on many surfaces. The idea was to promote their top of the line Rival 700 mouse that features pretty much a customisable everything, from animated gifs on it’s OLED screen, coloured lights or the whole back palm plate. So we thought, why not show this through customising it with art? This was a hit (being Melbourne and all) with Molotow pens flying I scribbled on mouse covers, an Intel SSD worth more than my teeth, mouse pads and even a Intel Skull Canyon NUC.

The people were awesome and there was a great mix of people. Even bumping into family on both sides of the family I had never met. A busy chaotic way to get an introvert out of their shell and public scribbling… yus!

mouse pad steel series
Dune Haggar at PAXaus Promotional Drawing in Melbourne for SteelSeries and Intel
pax2016 holding hand painted SteelSeries mousepad Gamergear