About Dune Haggar

pax2016 holding hand painted SteelSeries mousepad Gamergear

Artworks & Bespoke Items

Handpainted artworks & products

From canvas artwork, wall artwork skateboards to collectable one off handpainted products

Vector Graphics for Your Products

Fully Print Ready Vector Graphics

All my art files might start with pen and paper but they all end in print ready vector files. I supply the client with .AI, .PDF and .EPS etc files ready to print.
Vector patterns and artwork are very handy as they can be repurposed easily, up-scaled without pixelation and specialty dielines and pantone colours can be created easily.
With over 20 years graphic design experience I can also help create packaging, branding etc to help make the artwork into a real world product.

Art Licencing

A catalogue of art licensing assets

I am always open to licensing my artwork to your company. I have a catalogue of non exclusive artworks in vector format to keep at a budget or fully bespoke artwork to your specifications.
Open to anything from skateboards, snowbaords, mousepads, musical instruments, umbrellas, apparel and more.

Graphic Design

I have over 20 years graphic design chops

I have worked freelance and within agencies working on branding, logo design, web design, campaign work, social media assets, art direction, packaging design, pitch decks, video production & animation.
Often artwork and graphic design go hand in hand. Maybe you need more than finished artwork, maybe you need social media assets, colour direction, animation etc. Or maybe you also need to sell the idea to the powers that be? I can help create a pitch deck with mockups and examples to get the budget signed off by the scary suits.

Animation & Video Editing

Animation for social media, colour grading, video editing

I can help with animation and general video editing. Creating hype videos, social content etc. I can also create lottie animations of artwork for web as well as video output.
I use Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Media Encoder, Adobne Illustrator and Photoshop in my workflow.

Gifts - Corporate or Personal

Corporate Gifts & Personal Bespoke Gifts.

Want a unique, custom gift, a handpainted product? artwork?

Apparel & Products

Apparel & Products

I can help you with artwork, advice, sourcing products as well as getting one off or low quantity runs of products. These can be used for Proof-of-Concept to test for larger orders or for perhaps adding to your woo commerce store.

Hi my name is Dune, I’m a graphic artist, who loves creating artworks both on paper and on products. My final form is collaborating with great companies and people to get my artwork out into the real world. I’ve gravitated towards the gaming, esports, music, apparel and skating sector but I am happy to collaborate on anything.

Here’s what Gavin in accounting has to say about me:

He is a creative native of Dunsborough, Western Australia. Previous to this he lived in the shaky isles of New Zealand. Honing his mad illustrations among the earthquakes and aftershocks of Christchurch. He’s has many years of experience working freelance, in agencies and sipping good coffee.

He tells me he has a love of many styles and mediums. His graphic design half, loves order and symmetry and his illustrative half loves live chaos. After a hard days working in a field where you analyze and rationalize every element you create, he loves to sit back and let his subconscious take over in his art work.

Some of his style is dredged up from his younger days scribbling away, whilst others form from the unconscious and are inspired by the meditative “happy place” as well a moldy old Greek technique for remembering things called “Loci” or “memory palace”, where the practitioner invents a palace / location with rooms or areas to visualise the objects, words, lessons they want to remember in the end creating a complex imagined place to store these memories.

A bent Escher with a fear of rulers, or an insane game level designer

could easily describe what he is doing on any given Monday.

He loves working in many mediums from digital, animation, skateboards, beer cans, plywood, guitar, computer cases, computer peripherals, and up-cycled wood. Comfortable hefting markers, pencil, pen, paint and computer. He’s passionate about getting eyeballs on cool products and sharing his artwork with the multiverse…

His other hobbies and interests include: reading, laughing, nature, human evolution, hearing the music, playing the music, chilli eating, coffee quaffering, Wing Chun Kung Fu, the world(s) around him and his beautiful family of girls. A dad of two daughters, with a very tolerant partner.

He is always interested in any collaborations, commissions, art licencing, beers, chats over coffee and the world not exploding. Thanks Gavin!

Got an artwork related dream, licensing request or a product that needs a promotional boost? Give me an email.
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