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Dune Haggar is a self diagnosed IGACS (a terminal and incurable Illustrator, Graphic Artist and Chronic Scribbler). He’s an avid hater of bio / about me writing.

He is a creative native of Dunsborough, WA, previous to this he lived in the shaky isles of New Zealand. Honing his mad illustrations among the earthquakes and aftershocks of Christchurch. He’s has many years of experience working freelance, in agencies and sipping good coffee.

He tells me he has a love of many styles and mediums. His graphic design half, loves order and symmetry and his is illustrative half loves live chaos. After a hard days working in a field where you analise and rationalise every element you create, he loves to sit back and let his subconscious take over in his art work.

Some of his style is dredged up from his younger days whilst others form from the unconscious and are inspired by the meditative “happy place” as well a moldy old Greek technique for remembering things called “Loci” or “memory palace”, where the practitioner invents a palace / location with rooms or areas to visualise the objects, words, lessons they want to remember in the end creating a complex imagined place to store these memories.

A bent Escher with a fear of rulers, or an insane game level designer

could easily describe what he is doing on any given Monday.

He loves working in many mediums from digital, animation, skateboards, beer cans, papers, plywood, guitar, computer cases, computer peripherals, and up-cycled wood. Comfortable hefting markers, pencil, pen, paint and computer.

He has worked with agencies, breweries, festivals, computer brands and even an E-sports team.

His other hobbies and interests are: reading, laughing, nature, human evolution, hearing the music, playing the music, chilli eating, coffee quaffer, Wing Chun Kung Fu, the world(s) around him and his beautiful family of girls. A dad of two daughters, with a very tolerant partner.

He is always interested in any collaborations, commissions, art licencing, beers, chats over coffee and the world not exploding. He also was forced to write third person against his will, he hates this.

Got an artwork related dream, licensing request or a product that needs a promotional boost? Give me an email.
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